Stream Tiger Dare Wires Over, Wired In (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn band Tiger Dare are putting out their debut album, Wires Over, Wired In, just as the weather in New York is starting to warm up, but the music within suggests almost the opposite. From the gorgeous first track, “Good Times,” the band generates a sound that’s sunny but wistful; the soundtrack to that first day in September when a sudden chill makes you realize you’ll need to start wearing a jacket. It’s a relatively brief record, barely over 30 minutes, but that run time is broken up over only six tracks, amounting to a deep, dense collection almost tailor made for headphone listening. Throughout, the band shows a knack for giving small gestures a huge emotional payoff too, like the wordless vocals in the chorus of the aching “We Bike All Night.” There are countless more moments like that, and you can discover them all by listening below, plus if you’re in the New York area you can catch them 6/20 opening for Ought at Rough Trade.

Wires Over, Wired In is out now via Wonderland Archives.

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