Hear Eddie Vedder Debut “I Won’t Hold On” In Sao Paulo

On Tuesday night, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder played a solo show at Citibank Hall in São Paulo, Brazil, and from the looks of the setlist, it must’ve been a pretty awesome set. Vedder played a bunch of Pearl Jam songs, brought out Glen Hansard for a generous handful of duets, and played a ton of covers — the Ramones, Neil Young, Cat Power, and Karen O’s “Moon Song” among them. He also debuted an emotionally intense new one, which doesn’t have an official title but which fans are calling “I Won’t Hold On.” Download a live recording and check out the show’s setlist below.

Eddie Vedder – “I Won’t Go On” (Live In Sao Paolo 5/6/14)

UPDATE: He played a sightly different version of the song the next night, with Glen Hansard on backing vocals. Here’s that:

Eddie Vedder – “I Won’t Go On” (Live In Sao Paolo 5/7/14)
(via Evolution Of The Momma-Son)

01 “The Moon Song” (Karen O cover)
02 “Can’t Keep”
03 “Without You”
04 “Sleeping By Myself”
05 “More Than You Know” (Vincent Youmans cover)
06 “Sometimes”
07 “Immortality”
08 “The Needle And The Damage Done” (Neil Young cover)
09 “Driftin'”
10 “Good Woman” (Cat Power cover)
11 “Thumbing My Way”
12 “Far Behind”
13 “Guaranteed”
14 “No Ceiling”
15 “Rise”
16 “Better Man”
17 “Lukin”
18 “I Won’t Hold On”
19 “Porch”
20 “Just Breathe”
21 “Unthought Known”
22 “Crazy Mary” (Victoria Williams cover)
23 “Sleepless Nights” (Everly Brothers cover) (with Glen Hansard)
24 “Society” (Jerry Hannan cover) (with Glen Hansard)
25 “Falling Slowly” (The Swell Season cover) (with Glen Hansard)
26 “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”
27 “Parting Ways”
28 “I Believe In Miracles” (Ramones cover)
29 “The End”
30 “Arc”
31 “Bugs”
32 “Hard Sun” (Indio cover) (with Glen Hansard)