Museum Mouth – “Alex Impulse” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Alex Impulse” is the opening track from Museum Mouth’s upcoming Alex I Am Nothing, a concept album about being obsessed with someone you can’t have. The opener documents the start of a relationship; it’s the morning after a party where you had one too many and said something you shouldn’t have in front of a boy who you like. It’s about making a big move fast and immediately regretting it and not being in a position to change anything. “I’ll never do what I’m supposed to do/ I got fucked up and misread your signals, you think I’m evil,” laments drummer and vocalist Karl Kuehn over some distorted guitars. “Now you’re gone and it’s already through.” It’s a brutally honest look at missed connections, at staying up all night and thinking about how things could have gone differently if you didn’t mess it all up. Listen below.

Alex I Am Nothing is out 5/27 via Self Aware Records.

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