Read Billy Corgan’s Essay About Opening For Jane’s Addiction In ’88

Jane’s Addiction’s debut studio album Nothing’s Shocking just turned 25. To celebrate, the band performed the album in full three nights in a row at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas last weekend. Billy Corgan was there for one of the shows, and it inspired him to write an essay about the time Smashing Pumpkins opened for Jane’s in Chicago in 1988, “For I’ve stolen from them, dined with them, played with them, cried with them too.” Read the whole piece, which includes anecdotes about being there when the band saw the “Mountain Song” video for the first time and seeing Perry Farrell stumble out of a station wagon just in time to go on stage, at the Pumpkins’ site. While you’re at it, stream Jane’s Addiction’s entire set from last Friday below.

[Photo by Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images.]