White Lung – “Face Down” Video

The forthcoming third album from Vancouver’s White Lung, Deep Fantasy, is one of the best things I’ve heard this year — it’s a frenzied, passionate, articulate punk record that recalls a bunch of riot grrrl (and riot grrrl-adjacent) acts, but updates that sound by being altogether faster, more agile, heavier, and catchier than any of its ancestors individually. Every song thus far released from Deep Fantasy has expanded on what the listener can expect from the whole: first the punishing “Drown With The Monster,” then hooked-out “Snake Jaw,” and now “Face Down,” which comes with a grainy home video of the group fucking around in the car, on the beach, being cooler and having more fun than everyone else in the world without even trying to do either. Watch/listen.

Deep Fantasy is out 6/17 via Domino.

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