Watch Dev Hynes’ Lecture & Performance About Synesthesia And Anxiety

Dev Hynes has come a long way since his Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion days. He’s shed his folksy singer-songwriter-with-twist aesthetic for the nostalgia-funk of Blood Orange, and he’s even gotten into the lecture game with a TED talk. But many of the same things that drove his music back then still drive what he does today. Two of those things are his anxiety, which is a dark and depressing force in his life, and his synesthesia, which combines his sense of sight and hearing to allow him to see colors. He recently touched on both of those things while performing his piece “ANXIETY” for the first time at the Lost Lectures at the Knockout Center in Queens, New York. Check out the video to hear and see how Dev Hynes’ anxiety and synesthesia interact to give him a penchant for ethereal electronic textures.

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