Foo Fighters Played A Surprise Show At New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Last Night

A few days ago, the Foo Fighters shared details about their upcoming new album: it’s being recorded in eight different cities at famous studios and with musicians that are culturally important to wherever they are. One of those cities is New Orleans, where the band has been recording at Preservation Hall for the past couple days. Last night, they tweeted a picture of Dave Grohl and hinted that they might be performing, and NOLA showed up in droves — a big enough crowd came that police eventually shut down the street that the Hall is on. Instead of letting people into the venue, they played out towards the street. Only a select few invited guests were allowed inside which included Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, and Anderson Cooper (who is recording a Foo Fighters profile for 60 Minutes). Also present was the camera crew for Dave Grohl’s new HBO show. There’s a really detailed play-by-play over at The Times-Picayune and you can see some shaky fan videos below.

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