Lee Ranaldo And The Dust – “Blackt Out” Video

Since the end of Sonic Youth, guitarist Lee Ranaldo put together his new band the Dust (which features Alan Licht and SY drummer Steve Shelley) and released their album Last Night On Earth. That LP closed with “Blackt Out,” an epic 12-minute guitar workout for which Fred Riedel has now directed a video. In addition to some concert footage, it features the band playing in Sonic Youth’s Hoboken, NJ studio and is shot in a style that pays homage to Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. When describing that influence, Ranaldo told Nowness: “When Warhol was here young people could live very cheaply, but it’s still a place where different creative disciplines bump up against each other. That’s been part of its character since the 1920s and that’s not going to change.” Watch it below.

Last Night On Earth is out now via Matador.