Bonnie “Prince” Billy And The Cairo Gang – “We Love Our Hole”

Spirit Of Akasha is a new documentary, from director Albert Falzon, that pays tribute to Morning Of The Earth, a 1971 Australian movie about surfing that’s considered a classic in certain circles. For the movie, Will Oldham revived his working collaboration with Emmett Kelly, and the two recorded a pair of songs as Bonnie “Prince” Billy And The Cairo Gang. Those two songs are coming out on a 7″ single soon, and one of them, “We Love Our Hole,” is streaming below. It’s a lovely, relaxed, expansive psycedelic folk song that tickles the part of the brain that Oldham, at his best, hits more consistently than anyone else.

(via FADER)

The “We Love Our Hole” b/w “I’ll Be Alright” single is out 6/17 on Empty Cellar.