Watch Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Play A Medley Of TV Theme Songs

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo are individually great, funny, intelligent musicians, and their myriad charms are multiplied exponentially when they’re performing together as the Both. I kinda feel like some TV exec of reasonable vision should work with them on a sketch/variety/talk show or something, because it’d be a really good show, and it would showcase both of them beyond their music while also allowing them to shine musically. I dunno, spitballing here. Anyway, unrelated to my pitch, Mann and Leo did a medley of TV theme songs for Vulture, and as you’d expect, it’s pretty much a blast, except for the fact that you really don’t get more than a single line of any of these songs, which is unsatisfactory: I’d happily listen to Ted Leo singing the full WKRP In Cincinnati any time. Aimee Mann singing “Gimme A Break”? Just get in the studio and record these things already, guys. Till then, watch the medley below.