Watch Black Flag Play “Slip It In” With Their New Singer

Last year, the former Black Flag guitarist and bandleader Greg Ginn attempted a Black Flag reunion with no other original members and one guy, Ron Reyes, who’d sung with an early version of the band. Then, late last year, the band fired Reyes onstage in Australia. A few months later, Ginn announced that the reconstituted Black Flag would keep going and that Reyes’s replacement would be the former pro skateboarder Mike Vallely, who was managing Black Flag and who’d actually been the guy to fire Reyes. Vallely had actually sung with a previous halfassed Black Flag reunion at a few shows in 2003. This new version of the band has played a few shows now, and they’ve uploaded video of themselves playing the 1984 classic “Slip It In” at On The Rocks, a venue in Bakersfield, California. Watch it below.

Vallely looks like a hardcore singer, I guess, but that doesn’t make the whole thing not-sad.

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