Watch The Roots Perform “Never” With A-Trak On The Tonight Show

It’s not surprising, of course, that the Roots were on The Tonight Show last night. They’re on The Tonight Show every night. But yesterday, the group released their expansive, experimental new album …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. And they marked the occasion by doing double duty, as the show’s house band and as the musical guest. For their big spotlight moment, they performed “Never,” a sprawling and all-over-the-place song from the album. And this was a striking, absorbing late-night performance; they had A-Trak with them, as well as the chamber orchestra Metropolis Ensemble, all arranged on an all-white stage. Below, watch the performance and marvel at how good these guys are at playing music on TV.

…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin is out now on Def Jam.