Circulatory System – “Stars And Molecules”

Circulatory System – “Stars And Molecules”

2014 has turned into a special year for Elephant Six fans. In addition to Neutral Milk Hotel’s constantly growing world tour, Will Cullen Hart has promised us a third album from both of his equally great psych-pop bands, Circulatory System and Olivia Tremor Control. We’ve already heard the gleefully fractured “If You Think About It Now” from Circulatory System’s upcoming double-album Mosaics Within Mosaics, and now comes “Stars And Molecules,” which begins with static radio signals before shifting into a fuzzy patchwork of electronics, guitar melodies, and strange percussion. Like all of Hart’s projects, you’ll want to hear how the whole album fits together (or more likely doesn’t fit), but these new songs are promising. Listen and check out the massive tracklist below.

(via Pitchfork)

Mosaics Within Mosaics:

01 “Physical Mirage/Visible Magic”
02 “If You Think About It Now”
03 “No Risk”
04 “Just In Time To See You All”
05 “Neon Light”
06 “It’s Love”
07 “Mosaic # 1″
08 “Tiny Planes on Canvas”
09 “Mosaic # 2
10 “When You’re Small
11 “Do You Know What’s Real?
12 “Over Dinner The Cardinal Spoke
13 “Aerial View Of A Heart (From Above)
14 “There Is No Time But Now”
15 “Puffs of Cotton”
16 “The Reasons Before You Knew”
17 “Mosaic # 3″
18 “Mosaics Within Mosaics”
19 “Mosaic # 4″
20 “Open Up Your Lives”
21 “Mosaic # 5″
22 “Sounds That You’ve Never Heard”
23 “Stars and Molecules”
24 “Mosaic # 6″
25 “Mosaic # 7″
26 “Makes No Sense”
27 “Conclusions”
28 “Mosaic # 8″
29 “Bakery Spires”
30 “Night Falls”
31 “Elastic Empire Coronation”

Mosaics Within Mosaics 6/24 via Cloud Recordings.

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