Raekwon – “Call Of Duty” (Feat. Akon)

When Raekwon was publicly sniping with the RZA over the direction of the Wu-Tang Clan, he was never quite specific about what his problem with RZA’s musical decisions was. Now, based on Rae’s new single “Call Of Duty,” we can now guess what his issue was: Not enough Akon choruses. Maybe Raekwon still hasn’t gotten over the fact that it’s not 2007 anymore, or maybe that Senegal-accented Auto-Tune chirp is just the sound of his dreams. But actually, snark aside, Raekwon’s new Akon collab “Call Of Duty” is a pretty strong piece of tough New York slick-talk. Like “The Living Room” before it, it may end up on Rae’s forthcoming album FILA (Fly International Luxurious Art). Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

Just kidding with the Akon hate. I could never hate Akon. Nobody who ever heard Baby Cham’s “Ghetto Story” remix could ever hate Akon.

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