Bad History Month – “The Imaginary Tone Of My Own Voice Talking Shit”

The Boston DIY singer-songwriter Jeff Meff used to record as Fat History Month, but he’s changed his stage name to Bad History Month, and next month, he’ll release Famous Cigarettes, a new split EP with Dust Of 1000 Yrs. When he posted first single “Staring At My Hands,” our own Miles Bowe compared the song to the Microphones’ masterpiece The Glow Pt. 2, and on the second single from the EP, the excellently titled “The Imaginary Tone Of My Own Voice Talking Shit,” Meff makes that connection even stronger. Like what Phil Elverum was doing on that album, the song mixes confessional lo-fi real-talk four-track music with bursts of stomach-churning noise and leaves you with a persistent sense of unease. Listen below.

Famous Cigarettes is out 6/10 via Exploding in Sound.