New Metallica – “The Day That Never Comes” (Live At Leeds)

As Amrit sagely noted when discussing Metallica’s new 7:56-long Death Magnetic track “The Day That Never Comes“: “At 5:00 [it] becomes the last half of “One.” (Literally.) Before that, it’s ‘Unforgiven’ meets ‘Fade To Black.'” (But not really as good as that. James says: “Love is a four letter word / You’re in this prison.” We say: Ooph, James said that.).” Or, as a wise commenter said in dialog form:

“So guys, for the new album I’m thinking we record all Load era type songs and then tack on 3 minutes of And Justice For All style jamming…”

“Sounds great, James, our dumbass fans will never catch on!”

To add my two cents, this live version of the track, recorded with more than one camera at the Leeds Festival, is muddier than the recorded take, but clearly demonstrates that the center does not hold.

It’s “The Song That Never Comes,” a bunch of things that sound familiar, but never add up to much beyond sounding familiar. If you want more late-period live Magnetic, you can still hear the Ozzfest rendered “Cyanide.”

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