Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes a little later than usual, but I have a good excuse. I’m at Napa Valley’s BottleRock (“The strangest festival lineup of 2014?” -Stereogum) to find out what happens when bands like Thee Oh Sees, Deerhunter, and No Age are booked at the same event as Gin Blossom, Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, Blues Traveler, Third Eye Blind, Barenaked Ladies, and the guy from Live. Plus: 40 wine tents to keep everyone hydrated. Ryan Leas is here with me, and we’ve already seen great sets from TV On The Radio (who played three songs from their upcoming album) and the Cure. OutKast and Weezer perform tonight. We’ll be reporting all weekend, and you can follow scottgum or stereogum on Instagram for behind-the-scenes stuff. We’ve brought former Videogummer Gabe Delahaye along, too, to star in some videos they’re running on the jumbotrons here. Sublime With Rome played yesterday, but I didn’t get to ask them about their weed. Your best and worst comments of the week are below.


#9 michael_ | May 27th Score:19

It wouldn’t be the Internet if people didn’t react first and then think about what they were saying. This weekend for example was a doozy (at least on my tweet feed) in the wake of the UCSB shooting and a pile-on of think-pieces that arrived literally within hours of the news breaking ranging everything from the truth (how we need to put an end to rape culture, misogyny,) reflection (women being shamed for being sex positive) to bullshit (I read one where a guy stretched a tie into the Boston Calling festival and how a culture of songs by indie rock bands like Death Cab for Cutie soundtracked the shooter’s perspective about some grand form of love.) It’s too intense sometimes to take in all at once, and it would be great if the world took a few hours, days, weeks to put more succinct thoughts together rather than overwhelm us.

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Nick Burica | May 28th Score:19

who can’t get into Spoon?!?!?! they’re probably one of the most accessible band that exist in the indie/somewhat majors-phere.

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#7 justabrobro | May 28th Score:19

More like ‘Where’s the Reef’?

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Motas Kah | May 24th Score:21

classic ye. one really smart lyric followed by one incredibly stupid lyric

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#5 skow | May 26th Score:23

If you promise pizza, you better deliver.

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#4 rubberjohnny0829 | May 24th Score:23

RIGHT* im ain’t afriad of no ghost

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#3 Chipotle | May 24th Score:26

Seems like an unusually levelheaded and not unusually earnest response. Pretty hard to be mad at that, no?

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | May 25th Score:28

Look y’all, I’m with Win on this one. Laura Jane Grace lost me at the blackface comparison. I feel for the LGBTA community and consider myself a staunch A, but Andrew Garfield playing a transgender woman in a role that is supposed to be uplifting, and most certainly is uplifting, is not like blackface at all and she’s kind of silly for making the comparison. Blackface is ALWAYS done in jest. It is never done to inform or with any sincerity whatsoever.

Remember when gay people all over America were livid when Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal starred in “I Wish I Knew How to Quit You?” Me neither.

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Dirk Jirky | May 27th Score:35

Look at that. She reconsidered her position, you know, after she calmed down and got a different perspective. Maybe if she had got in touch with the band first and talked to them directly instead of going straight to social media, there would have been non of this.

I still have a problem that she compared it to blackface performances. Thats way off. There’s no comparison.

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#5 michael_ | May 28th Score:-20

Sorry, just read this line above in the write-up: “Anyway, this is all exciting if you’re a Spoon fan, and who isn’t?”

Guess you have your answer!

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Bani Amor | May 27th Score:-23

Transphobic assholes. LJ is not some angry loner who should apologize. Many of us in the trans* and queer ally community had the exact same reaction about the We Exist video and those opinions are 100% valid. Fuck Arcade Fire for using the victimized bodies of transwomen to make their “art”. The video is dumb and makes no sense. LJ’s initial response was right on. Cis people need to step the fuck back and listen. If you don’t know shit about privilege, shut the fuck up.

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#3 michael_ | May 28th Score:-23

“…they’re probably one of the most yawn-inducing a?c?c?e?s?s?i?b?l?e? band that exist in the indie/somewhat majors-phere.”


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#2 michael_ | May 28th Score:-31

This is me telling you to go fuck yourself.

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#1 michael_ | May 28th Score:-33

It’s too bad the “R.I.P.” isn’t literal to them as an active band. Never could get into them and whenever they put out something new, all that means is that I’ll have to wait even longer for the Get Up Kids to reactivate.

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raptor jesus | May 29th Score:15

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” is fast becoming one of my favorite parts of Stereogum. I feel it’s DeVille either pointing out some funny music related current event (Drake lint roller) or just straight up trolling us. With last week’s Tomahawk Song or whatever I forgot, to these two Instagram CHODES (OMG I chortled when I saw you used the timeless word classic “chode” to describe Chris Brown & Big Sean [#nailedit])

It’s funny because for someone like me, those trollish videos are kind of how I view most pop music. Slapped together, vapid “music.” I tried watching today’s video but had to stop :30 in because he rhymed that he was playing girls like quidditch. Dude, I hate to break your bubble, but quidditch is an imaginary game. So if you play girls like quidditch then does that mean you aren’t actually playing any girls?? Or is that just a subtle acknowledgment that their whole song/video is just an imaginary sham?!?!

Either way, I come to this thread for the lolz and it consistently delivers. See?!? Just because Stereogum does a weekly pop feature doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

(But seriously that instagram video is fucking awful. Someone take the camera out of the ocean! It be rocken’ and not in the roll way.)

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