Stream clipping. CLPPNG

The problem with a lot of noise-rap is that it falls apart a bit when it comes to the actual rapping. That’s not a problem for the L.A. trio clipping., whose squalid digital chaos screeches and unmoors but whose rap fundamentals are strong. The trio’s jangled, intense debut album CLPPNG has guest appearances from undersung rap heroes like Gangsta Boo and King Tee, and Daveed Diggs, the one rapper in the group, has a stiff but technically furious delivery that makes him a fascinating complement to his bandmates’ queasy electronic lurches. We’ve already posted the group’s tracks “Work Work” and “Body & Blood” (as well as the spellbinding video for the former), and now you can stream the entire excellent album at NPR.

CLPPNG is out 6/10 on Sub Pop.

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