Scarlet Pleasure – “Under The Palmtrees” (Stereogum Premiere)

Copenhagen trio Scarlet Pleasure have delivered a single so effervescent that it makes the ’80s revival thing feel like it’s some new, brilliant concept that’s just getting off the ground. “Under The Palmtrees” feels urgent and alive even though it’s comfortingly casual willfully retro. It has a bit of that Bad-era MJ shine on it, and its skittering syncopated rhythms and synthetic horn squelches feel like “Sexual Healing” updated for the beach parties of summer 2014. If the 1975 tried to write a Twin Shadow song, they might come up with something like this. And yes, that means it’s unabashedly poppy in a way that tends to polarize the Stereogum readership. Don’t deny yourself Scarlet Pleasure.

“Under The Palmtrees” is out today on Copenhagen Records.