Watch Damon Albarn Perform “Song 2″ For The First Time Solo (And Wearing An Elephant Hat)

Last night, Damon Albarn played a solo set at Royale Boston, and he dropped an unexpected number on the crowd: Blur’s massive “Song 2.” It was the first time Albarn had ever played the song as a solo artist, and before it kicked off, he told the crowd, “If it doesn’t go well, I promise you I’ll never do it again.” A fan captured the performance on video, and based on that footage, it actually seems to have gone pretty well! There were definitely a few bum notes, but Albarn was obviously playing the song enthusiastically, not because he felt compelled to by some Frank Turner-esque populist dictator. Albarn wore an elephant hat, presumably for the titular subject of “Mr. Tembo.” Love that elephant. Watch Damon doing “Song 2″ below.