Chad Smith Vs. Will Ferrell Drum-Off Now Involves Lars Ulrich, Is No Longer Funny

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell are famous for different reasons, but they’ve also been famous, for a minute, for looking exactly like each other. They took that whole celebrity-resemblance thing to its natural conclusion last month with their Tonight Show drum-off. But now they’re pushing the joke way beyond where it needs to go, jointly challenging Metallica’s Lars Ulrich to another drum-off. (No announcements have been made, but it seems safe to assume that this will also happen on The Tonight Show, because Lorne Michaels.) The joke here is that Ulrich also looks like Smith and Ferrell, even though he doesn’t, and the whole thing just seems like bored millionaires wanting attention at this point. Here’s Ulrich’s statement accepting the challenge:

It was a little lonely on the sidelines during the first drum-off, given the somewhat forced nature of the lookalike element between Chad Smith and Will Ferrell, when I’m TRULY the one carrying that dead-ringer gene around! As for any further drum-offs, I’m sure that with a bit of practice, I could give Chad a run for his money. But Will? That’s a whole different story. He rules the “bad-ass drummer universe.” I mean, you’re talking about a guy who’s so next level, actually, so beyond next level, that he may just be completely unreachable! That said, I’m definitely up for the challenge…Bring it on!!!

(via SPIN)

Can we shut this whole thing down now? Please?