T.I., Jigga, Yeezy, Weezy Sample M.I.A.

“Swagger Like Us,” a leaked track from T.I.’s forthcoming Paper Trail, samples M.I.A.’s similarly fibrous “Paper Planes” then throws Jay-Z, Kanye, and Weezy into the mix. T.I.’s clearly bummed about the early appearance of the West-produced track, telling MTV he’s “beating down the Internet as we speak.” Ouch. He continues:

Don’t ruin the event … Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That’s like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it’s time, I’mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream [“Like I Do”] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I’m not used to it.

Glad you’ve never had leakage, T.I. Now you know how Bradford feels. Take a listen, if you will. It includes a solid argument against skinny jeans.

According to Tip in that MTV article, “Swagger Like Us” will also appear on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, long after its appearance on hard drives everywhere.

Paper Trail is out 9/30 via Grand Hustle/Atlantic.