Sleigh Bells Prep Tink Collab

In an interview with Billboard, 19-year-old Chicago rapper/singer Tink (no stranger to working with other artists) just confirmed an upcoming studio collab with Sleigh Bells. They met when Tink opened for Sleigh Bells at SXSW, and according to Tink:

We had a good-ass time. Alexis [Krauss, of Sleigh Bells] brought me on stage with her and that was so surreal because females don’t really do that. Guys do it all the time. But as a female, we don’t really get that a lot. So I ran with that, and from there it sort of flew. [Sleigh Bells] hit us up and said they wanted to get in the studio and of course, you know I’m all for expanding. It’s not good to stay in the same circle [of artists]. You have to change, evolve and grow. They wanted to get in the studio and here we are in New York. We laid down a hot one. The track is an uptempo; it’s so fun. I love it. It’s different, but good.

Krauss also posted an Instagram pic of the band and Tink hanging out in the studio and looking excited.

No word on a release date yet. You can read the full article here.