Chromeo Pretend To Invest In Budget Airline

Chromeo announced through multiple press releases today that both members, Dave 1 and P-Thugg, are now major equity holders in a new boutique airline called Mallard Air. Dave 1: “When Mallard approached us about share acquisition, we thought it was a joke. But when we got to know the people behind the airline, a creative and dynamic group of engineers and venture capitalists, this partnership made total sense. Besides, our business managers always encouraged us to diversify our investments. For a band like us, this feels bold and new.” They also asserted that Mallard was adding new stops in Montreal, Minneapolis, and Beirut to go along with preexisting hubs in 10 American cities (unnamed) and three hubs in the Canadian Prairies. P-Thugg: “We spend our life on airplanes. And there’s always something wrong: from the uniforms to the business class menu, to the way they handle oversize baggage. Our association with Mallard will give us the opportunity to change that and to offer a travel experience the way we see it.”

Those claims seemed suspicious from the beginning, and indeed, the company doesn’t seem to exist. If you play around with Mallard’s website you get broken links or filler text. Then there’s the company’s Twitter account, which, as The Daily Dot pointed out way back in May, is full of jokes and feels like a Funny Or Die stunt — after all, the airline’s first follower was Danny Jelinik, the Funny Or Die writer behind that fake hoverboard commercial with Schoolboy Q and Best Coast. The Twitter timeline claims to be run by a guy named Doug who has been starting fights with other companies all day; it also weirdly includes a retweeted endorsement from the apparently very real Uptown Diner in Minneapolis. Some sample tweets:

What is the point of all this? The duck theme suggests one possible explanation for the site is to promote a hypothetical tour with Duck Sauce, whose A-Trak is Dave 1’s brother. Maybe some special events in Minneapolis, Montreal, and Beirut? Or it could be purely for publicity’s sake. (You’re welcome, Chromeo.) Any other guesses are welcomed in the comments section.

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