Someone Paid $46k For That Aphex Twin LP On Ebay

There are some really, really big Aphex Twin fans out there. In 1994, Richard D. James recorded, but did not release, an LP called The Caustic Window Album. A test pressing of the LP surfaced earlier this year, and thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, a digital version of the album finally saw release. (You can also stream it here.) But the owner’s original plan was to sell the pressing for $13,500, and that turned out to be a way-too-low number. FACT reports that after more than 100 people bid on the pressing in an eBay auction, the piece of vinyl will now go for $46,300. That’s $3,858.33 per inch of vinyl.

UPDATE: The winning bidder was apparently Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft.

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