Song Of The Summer

Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014

Last week, we embarked on the process of assembling a ballot for our Song Of The Summer poll, and thanks to you guys, we now have that ballot assembled. We’re looking at 10 legit possibilities for SOTS 2014 — most are pop hits that are already hovering atop the charts, but we didn’t disqualify suggestions that maybe seemed too old or obscure to legit win the SOTS honor. (Note: we want you to vote for the track that represents this season for you — the song that will always remind you of this time this year.) We ended up with a pretty diverse segment of the contemporary music landscape, but in fact all of the 10 tracks here taken together make up a pretty decent seasonal playlist. And we have created just such a playlist, which you’ll find beneath the poll itself, to assist you in your selection. You get one (1) vote, and polls are open until EOD July 2. Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. (If you DO vote, complaints will be heard in the comments.)

[NYC ’49 photo via Gothamist.]