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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

When a musician puts together a moving tribute to her deceased bandmate, giving fitting visual accompaniment to the last thing that bandmate ever recorded, that video really should be #1 on this list. Most weeks, it would be. But this week, that video went up against the form’s reigning innovator, who’s put together a stunning piece of art that may have made an instant icon out of a singer who seems ready to make one of the year’s most exciting debuts. It was a close battle, and we’re lucky to have both videos. This week’s picks are below.

5. Twin Peaks – “Flavor” (Dir. Ryan Baxley)

I’m still getting over the fact that these dudes think it’s OK to use “Twin Peaks” as a band name, but using a parking ticket to roll up a blunt is such a G move that I can forgive it. And anyway, you can’t manufacture this level of energy, and this one gets bonus points for the homemade special-effects wizardry.

4. Pink Mountaintops – “Second Summer Of Love” (Dir. Brook Linder)

’80s pastiche means more when it comes from someone old enough to actually remember the ’80s. Skateboards mean more when they’re on fire.

3. Liars – “Pro Anti Anti” (Dir. Yoonha Park)

An ode to craftsmanship that suddenly turns into a document of how much fun it is to make a gross mess. Not too many videos can successfully prank whoever’s watching, but this one does.

2. School Of Seven Bells – “I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)” (Dir. Tony Halbrooks & Alan Del Rio Ortiz)

That shot of the camera speeding away from Alejandra Dehaza in the middle of the desert is just an absolute gutpunch. Actually, everything about this is just an absolute gutpunch. (Embedding is disabled for this one, so watch it here.)

1. FKA twigs – “Two Weeks” (Dir. Nabil)

FKA twigs has made a lot of videos over the past year, and I’m pretty sure all of them have been on this list. And yet it didn’t really feel like she’d arrived until now. Let’s all make some room. Because wow.