Grimes Explains What “Go” Is About

Last week, Grimes released her Blood Diamonds collaboration “Go,” a straight-up gleaming pop song that she’d originally written for Rihanna. And as certain comments sections will attest, it may be the year’s single most divisive song. (We at Stereogum, for the record, like it a lot.) On Twitter recently, a fan asked Grimes what the song was about, and she responded that “its about escaping into people or art even if its painful rather than escaping into drugs or alcohol and being numb.” On her Tumblr, she decided to expand on that explanation. Here’s what she wrote:

i guess i get pretty obtuse lyrically sorry if its like unclear in the song haha, but i guess i wanted ppl to be able to interpret it as being about love as well in case it had to be radio -friendly

i dunno if that last sentence is grammatically correct lol its def a run on sentence – this is y twitter is useful it forces u to be brief my explanation of my explanation is longer than my explanation

It’s interesting to think that Grimes is writing songs now with some thought to what the radio might play. If she actually gets one of her songs into rotation on top 40 radio, she will earn all the high fives.

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