Charli XCX Shelving Punk Album For Pop Album Feat. Weezer, Rostam, & Stargate

Charli XCX Shelving Punk Album For Pop Album Feat. Weezer, Rostam, & Stargate

When I spoke with Charli XCX last fall, far before “Fancy” significantly raised her profile, the plucky British pop singer was talking about making an album with lots of live instrumentation and a punk-rock edge. Here’s how she described it:

It’s inspired by French yé-yé pop and by ’80s New Wave bands like the Waitresses and Bow Wow Wow. And then also other fun things like bands like the Flying Lizards. And yeah it’s quite raw. It’s very feminine, but it’s also really aggressive and angry. And it’s a lot more live than anything I’ve ever done before. And it sounds fucking cool, actually.

Since then we learned that Charli is working with Rivers Cuomo and Rostam Batmanglij on her next project, which would seem to be the more aggressive album she was talking about. But no, it turns out Rivers and Rostam are on board for a pop album that has jumped ahead of the rock-oriented LP in Charli’s queue.

“I was making a punk album! I was over the music industry, I was over all of it. And I went to Sweden and made a punk album,” she recently told Pop Justice. But now, “I’ve made a pop record. I think it’ll be completely finished by the end of July, I’m not doing any more writing sessions now.” She listed the collaborators on the pop project — “Weezer, Rostam from Vampire Weekend, Stargate, John Hill… I did a session with [Dr.] Luke but that wasn’t for me” — and affirmed that she hopes to release the album she made in Sweden later on. So, maybe we’ll get two, allegedly very different Charli XCX albums this year? “Boom Clap” to that.

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