Stream James Ferraro SUKI GIRLZ

Part of being a James Ferraro fan is accepting that you’ll never really know what’s going on with the mysterious experimental producer. On the heels of his 2013 album, the suffocatingly dark meditation on New York City, NYC Hell 3:00 AM, he’s now dropped a new mixtape without any notice. Released on Soundcloud under the generic name of user703918785, the mixtape, titled SUKI GIRLZ, comprises 80 minutes of new music. It’s more beat-oriented than the previous album, and there aren’t really any vocals, but that’s understandable. When I interviewed Ferraro, he described his mixes this way: “I think mixtapes, in a way, are times to process shit. A lot of times it’s experimental, it’s exercise, and I’m definitely more loose with the mixtapes.” Stream it below, or if you don’t have time for the whole thing, I heartily recommend track 11.