River Tiber – “Prophets”

The Tiber River isn’t particularly pretty in and of itself, probably best known for its muddy, yellowish-brown hue. It only gains its beauty from the city around it: the stucco buildings reflecting off the water, the parasol pines that line up and droop along its bank. River Tiber’s music heads down a similar path: its individual elements are unremarkable but, when put together, create something great. Based out of Toronto, River Tiber is the project of 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley. Taking a lot of influence from the similarly minimalist James Blake, “Prophets” sidesteps any rigid structure, instead opting to explore a lot of different ideas across its five minutes, gently pulled along by Paxton-Beesley barely audible vocals. It’s a gorgeously layered and intimate song, at times both peaceful and haunting. Listen to that and “Atlantis,” one of his earlier tracks, below.

River Tiber’s The Star Falls EP is out now

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