Kanye Reportedly DJ’d 20 New Songs In London Last Night

The fabled, mysterious new Kanye West album might be coming sooner than we knew. Last night, Kanye performed again at Wireless festival. After the show, he and longtime consigliere Virgil Abloh took over the DJ booth at a London club, as Complex reports. And according to various eyewitness Twitter accounts, the two played about 20 new songs, which one twitterer described as “‘Dark’, ‘hellish’ and ‘groundshaking!'” Promising! This could mean that the new album is loaded up and ready to go, possibly for a Beyoncé-style surprise release, or it could mean that Kanye is still tinkering with it and that he wanted to see how these songs would sound over club speakers. Either way, this continues to be our most anticipated album of the year, and we continue to know basically nothing about it.

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