Watch Nardwuar Interview The Wu-Tang Clan

Recently Nardwuar The Human Serviette took on the Wu-Tang Clan for an interview, including RZA (who, as expected, does most of the talking), Ghostface, and Raekwon (who recently reconciled with the group). To account for the large number of interviewees, it’s an extra-long video, filled with plenty of talk about obscure kung fu movies, the classic musical comedian Blowfly, and an obscure R&B recording by GZA. And it’s a nice to see Raekwon go from hiding his face in the back to actually engaging — even if he’s mainly chiming in to ask Nardwuar about where he buys his clothes. Watch it all below.

The biggest relief might be that it’s an interview where we don’t have to hear about multi-million-dollar price-tagged albums or severed penises, which seem to be the main ingredients in the Wu conversation this year.