Exhausted Earl Sweatshirt Cancels Tour

Back when he was an urban legend exiled in Samoa, Earl Sweatshirt had it easy. Now that he’s been back in the real world for a couple years and is constantly in the studio or out promoting last year’s dense Doris, life is a lot busier and far more exhausting. As such, as Pitchfork notes, Earl announced on Twitter today that “due to a lack of self maintenance” he’s worn out and is canceling his remaining tour dates to recharge and finish his next album. He apologized to fans who were looking forward to the shows, citing extreme weight loss and an inability to perform up to his potential. “I am physically and mentally at the end of my rope,” explained one tweet. Here’s the entire dispatch:

In other Earl news, he thinks Death Grips breaking up was a stroke of genius and “the sign of a master.”

[Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images.]