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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Last Friday was the Fourth Of July, which meant we didn’t run one of these lists. But the videos kept piling up, and so we’re giving you our picks for this week’s five best videos, as well as, without comment, last week’s picks. You deserve to have a lot of shit to watch on your computer when you’re bored this weekend! All those videos are below.

5. Blood Orange – “High Street” (Feat. Skepta) (Dir. Lucy Luscombe)

It’s always fun to watch Dev Hynes glide through the frame; he should probably pay rent in this column. But the thing I like most about this is the shot of a mechanic working on a double decker bus a few scenes before we see all those buses parked in a perfect semicircle. They didn’t get there by themselves, after all. Someone had to put in work to set that shot up, and I like that the video shows the work.

4. Adult Jazz – “Idiot Mantra” (Dir. Samuel Travis)

I’ve always said that drum circles would be awesome except for two major problems: Not enough gorilla-style chest-beating, and not enough intensely blank facial expressions. Those problems are now solved!

3. Christopher Owens – “Nothing More Than Everything To Me” (Dir. Max Minghella)

Little kids with crushes on each other are just the best people. Also, I firmly believe that Chris Owens would play at a middle-school dance if asked, and that he’d end songs by doing the pretending-the-guitar-is-a-gun-and-aiming-it thing.

2. Ka – “Still Heir” (Dir. Ka & Preservation)

Ka might be the closest thing we have to a real-life Ghost Dog. We should treasure him and his contemplative, noiry visions.

1. Jungle – “Time” (Dir. Oliver Hadlee Pearch)

Dancing this well, at these guys’ age, is a skill that goes beyond remarkable. It is a superpower.

And now, last week’s picks:

5. Spank Rock – “Gully” (NSFW-ish) (Dir. Sean Maung)

4. Kitty – “Marijuana” (Dir. Shomi Patwary & Kitty)

3. MellowHype – “Nowadays” (Dir. High5Collective)

2. Little Dragon – “Pretty Girls” (Dir. Nabil)

1. Riff Raff – “Introducing The Icon” (Dir. Stuey Kubrick)