Stream Default Genders Magical Pessimism 2014

If you’ve been reading Stereogum for a while, you may remember all the fun shit that happened around here last year when James Brooks, who’d previously recorded as Elite Gymnastics, briefly changed his stage name to Dead Girlfriends. All that is over now. Brooks is now Default Genders, and he’s got a brand new surprise album released under his new name. In the past few weeks, he’s shared the new songs “Everything Is A Lie And Everyone Is Completely Full Of Shit” and “The World Ends With You.” And now he’s followed up last year’s Stop Pretending EP with the brand-new 12-song LP Magical Pessimism 2014, which he’s self-released on Bandcamp. Brooks recorded the album over the last two years, and it includes a few mastered and remixed songs from Stop Pretending. You can hear the whole thing below.

(via Pitchfork)

The album will run you $10 at Bandcamp.