Check Out This Kid’s Epic Macca Instagram Outside An Omaha Ice Cream Shop

Paul McCartney played Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena on Monday, and he stopped in Omaha the day before to catch up with business magnate and philanthropist Warren Buffett. According to The Omaha World-Herald, McCartney and Buffett took a limo to Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood for dinner at the Italian restaurant Avoli and ice cream at the hilariously named eCreamery. (McCartney enjoyed two scoops of vanilla, which is disappointingly… vanilla, although a video at the bottom of The World-Herald’s story asserts that eCreamery serves Omaha’s best vanilla, so.) Anyway, Omaha kid Tom White spotted McCartney and Buffett on a bench outside the shop and posed for the epic portrait above, which predictably went viral pretty fast. Caption: “Chillin with my homies.”

Another resident by the name of Katy C. aimed to one-up White by just jumping on the bench alongside McCartney and Buffett:

Bold move, but nobody’s topping the shit-eating grin on that kid’s face. Anyway, Omaha has now resumed its day-to-day existence as “somewhere in Middle America,” and McCartney is on to Kansas City. He really should call up Conor Oberst next time he’s in town.