Duran Duran Are Suing Their Fan Club

Apparently there are companies dedicated to managing and monetizing fan clubs for celebrities, and one of them called Worldwide Fan Clubs once counted Duran Duran among its clients. Not anymore; The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the new wave legends are suing the Glenview, Illinois-based company for $40,000 and claiming that Worldwide Fan Clubs failed to deliver their contractually guaranteed payments. Further details:

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges that Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc. entered into a contract with Duran Duran in 2010 that stipulated the company would create and manage a fan club for the band.

The fan club was also to warehouse and sell band merchandise, maintain accurate fan club records, collect membership fees, keep accurate accounting and give Duran Duran 75 percent of all profits, the suit said. Worldwide Fan Clubs would keep the other 25 percent.

The band is now claiming Worldwide Fan Clubs failed to keep accurate accounting records and make revenue payments to the band, according to the suit.

A representative from the company could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

This lawsuit raises a lot of questions, such as: Is Duran Duran going hungry like the wolf in the meantime? Did they preface the lawsuit by asking, “Is there something I should know?” Will they cry for yesterday, or will they find a way to survive? As for Worldwide Fan Clubs, will this conflict render them notorious? Do they believe in shame? etc. etc.

[Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images.]

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