Stream Bölzer Soma EP

Back in May’s Black Market, I talked a bunch about the Swiss duo Bölzer, who had just completed two performances at Maryland Deathfest, a pair of sets that pretty much ruled over everything else at the entire festival. That’s no small feat for a band playing alongside At The Gates, Gorguts, Agalloch, and a few dozen others — and an even more impressive accomplishment when it’s the band’s first time ever playing this continent, and still more impressive when that band’s entire discography consists of a 3-song demo, 2012’s Roman Acupuncture, and a 3-song EP, 2013’s Aura. (FWIW, we named that 3-song EP the 12th best metal album of last year.) Now, Bölzer are set to release Aura’s follow-up and companion piece, a 2-song EP called Soma. We already wrote about the first song on Soma, “Steppes,” when it dropped back in April, but today, the whole thing has been made available to stream, and its second half, “Labyrinthian Graves,” is a monstrous conclusion to this 5-track/2-EP cycle. Bölzer won’t be releasing any more new music in 2014, which means these two songs are all we’ll get for a good long while. And that’s fair: These songs deserve to be treasured, obsessed over, revered. Listen.

(Via Noisey)

Soma is out 8/5 via Invictus.

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