clipping. – “Story 2″ Video

The experimental rap group clipping. have a few recurring themes on their two albums. They always start with an “Intro,” they end with a mind-melting sound collage, and they both include a very disturbing “Story.” In the case of the band’s new album, their debut for Sub Pop, “Story 2″ is not a pleasant listen, and it’s been chosen for a new video following the curb-stomping surrealism of “Work Work.” In his review of the album, Tom hit the nail right on the head by comparing to Throbbing Gristle what consists of “a deeply fucked up narrative track about a working stiff who returns home to find his children burning to death.” And that’s what you get in this video, with one slight rule. The entire thing, from start to finish, films the man’s feet, walking and then gradually picking up in speed as he begins to realize what’s happening, and finally stumbling to a stop and collapsing on the sidewalk in front of the orange glow. I’d like to say that just seeing the feet makes all of this less upsetting, but it doesn’t really. You can watch it below.

CLPPNG is out now via Sub Pop.

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