Girl Band – “De Bom Bom”

Girl Band – “De Bom Bom”

Dublin’s Girl Band have already proven themselves masters of scraping noise-punk that matches early-’00s urban chaos of Liars and Black Dice with confrontational Midwest clamor of the Jesus Lizard/Big Black pigfucker persuasion. “De Bom Bom,” the quartet’s latest harrowing single, affirms that mastery. “De Bom Bom” is the best kind of nasty — plus, any band that slips a flash of Stephen Malkmus whimsy into such a gruesomely intense skree deserves bonus points. Listen to it.

“De Bom Bom” is the A-side of a limited edition 500-run 7-inch backed by a cover of Beat Happening’s “I Love You.” It’s out 9/1 on Any Other City. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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