Watch Nicki Minaj And Aimee Mann As Gem Fusions (?!) On Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is a weird show, created by a former writer for Adventure Time. The two shows share a lot of the same qualities: a deep and expansive fantastical universe, quirky characters, and a smart use of celebrity voice actors. “Weird” Al Yankovic and Biz Markie have appeared on Adventure Time and Aimee Mann and Tom Scharpling have done Steven Universe. Another to join that list is Nicki Minaj, who appears in an upcoming episode. Like Mann, she’ll voice a “gem fusion” on the show. Mann’s character is Opal (the fusion of Amethyst and Pearl) while Minaj plays a villain called Sugilite (Amethyst fused with Garnet, who is voiced by Estelle). While the episode featuring Sugilite doesn’t air until the end of August, her scenes have made their way onto YouTube, mixed with some Opal clips, and you can watch them below.

Minaj’s new single “Anaconda” is out tomorrow.