SW/MM/NG – “All I Want” (Stereogum Premiere)

For much of the five minutes of SW/MM/NG’s new song, “All I Want,” the vocals repeat a simple refrain, punctuated by silence: “Baby/ all/ I want/ is you.” The Arkansas-based band has been around for three years but is finally getting around to releasing their debut album, Feel Not Bad, and they purposefully sidestep the nostalgia that a lot of dreamy psych-pop falls into, instead sounding broken-down and fatigued. The guitars may be sun-soaked and airy, but they’re also strained and wistful, brimming with longing and desire for something better in the future. Listen below.

SW/MM/NG’s debut album, Feel Not Bad, is out 8/26 on Old Flame Records.

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