Fucked Up – “Blink” & “The Way We Did”

Earlier this summer, Fucked Up released Glass Boys, one of the year’s grandest, most powerful, most triumphant rock albums. But considering that the members of the band are devotees of the art of non-album singles, they were never going to let the songs on the album be the whole story. And now they’ve announced that they’ll release a series of songs from the Glass Boys sessions this summer. The first of those 7″ singles has two new songs. The A-side is the bleary, surging “Blink,” and the B-side is the driving, weirdly jangly “The Way We Did.” On Facebook, the band writes, “The songs are about subcultures and growing up around the punk scenes we did in Toronto.” Listen to both songs below.

You’ll soon be able to pre-order “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did” here.

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