Watch The 8-Bit Grunge Medley You Didn’t Know You Wanted

What if all the angst and aggression of grunge were filtered through the sound chips of the very same video-game systems those artists grew up on? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many, many times, but finally someone has done something about it. The Youtube channel Filthy Frackers has crafted an animated medley of grunge’s greatest hits, reworked so they could fit nicely on an NES and paired with some fun visuals (that’s 8-bit Kurt Cobain in the picture above singing “In Bloom”). It’s not hitting the masterpiece chiptune levels of something like Ducktales or Megaman 2, but it’s definitely fun to pretend this is what Rock Band would have sounded like had it come out in 1993. Check it out.

(via Grungebook)