Yes I’m Leaving – “One” (Stereogum Premiere)

Pavement famously dissed Smashing Pumpkins in “Range Life,” but what if Pavement covered the Pumpkins’ “Cherub Rock”? It might sound a little like the harrumphing, clangorous “One” by Sydney trio Yes I’m Leaving. Comparison aside, this band’s trademark sound is far more abrasively scathing than anything Malkmus or Corgan ever kicked out — think Jesus Lizard, various grunge heroes at their most fiery, or a slimmed-down garage-rock version of Swans. They found a wider audience with last year’s frantic Mission Bulb, which Homeless Vinyl is reissuing this year. The label is also set to launch Yes I’m Leaving’s new Slow Release into the world this September. “One” is the first searing blast from the new record. (No, it is not a cover of Metallica nor U2.) Hear it below.

Slow Release is out 9/29 on Homeless. Pre-order it here and check out Yes I’m Leaving’s previous work at Bandcamp.