Watch Deafheaven Play New Song “From The Kettle Unto The Coil” At Pitchfork Music Festival

Deafheaven made my favorite album of 2013, and whenever they announce the release of a follow-up, that album will almost definitely top my list of that year’s most anticipated. I don’t expect a new album anytime soon, and I don’t know what to expect of a Deafheaven new album, period, but I’m definitely encouraged by their new song, “From The Kettle Unto The Coil,” which will be released as part of the Adult Swim Singles Series next month, and which they debuted on 7/18 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, and played again at Pitchfork Music Festival. The live version from Pitchfork — which you can hear/watch below — is the only version I’ve yet heard, and it’s hard to gauge exactly how this will sound when properly recorded and mixed, but the first thing that I notice is George Clarke’s vocals, which seem to be delivered in a more traditional black-metal style than his vocals on Sunbather; here they snarl and snap rather than float. Those edges might be smoothed over on the studio version, but I hope not, because I like their fully embodied presence here. The rest of the track hews fairly closely to the Sunbather model, which is also perfectly fine with me: I would be totally OK with one more album that sounds like this. Or even just one more song. Listen.