Jarvis Cocker To Judge Pulp Karaoke Contest In NYC

If you’re reading anything on this website, there is a very good chance you have attempted to croon along with at least one Pulp song at some point in your life, possibly a few octaves below where your voice should be, possibly while adapting a fake British accent. And right now, you have a chance to do that very same thing in front of Jarvis Cocker. Following a forthcoming New York screening of the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets, Cocker will judge a Pulp karaoke contest, as The Guardian reports. The sold-out screening goes down 8/7 at Brooklyn’s Industry City, and the way to get in is to tweet to Rooftop Films, the screening’s organizer, by 8/4, with which Pulp song you’d like to sing and why you’d like to sing it, along with the hashtag #singforjarvis. You have to pick from a list of 10 songs, which sadly means that you will not get a chance to impress Cocker by nailing the “why pretend any loooooonger” part from “TV Movie.” Below, check out the contest’s rules and the list of approved songs.

The contest’s stipulations:

• You must plan to attend the show! If you can’t be there on August 7th, don’t enter the contest! Jarvis will be very mad at you. Do you really want that on your conscience?

• Creativity is encouraged/mandatory. Tweet something that will make us notice you and think you’re a special and unique snowflake. A funny drawing? A relevant YouTube video? Something weird and wild we’ve never seen or heard before? Impress us.

• No nudity please.

•If we get a million tweets about ‘Common People’, we will be far less likely to pick them. Don’t be so obvious. See above note about creativity.

• If you receive that coveted tweet that says you’ve won, don’t have a heart attack. You need to confirm your win within 24 hours of notification.

And now, the approved list of songs:

“All Time High”
“Common People”
“Disco 2000″
“Do You Remember The First Time”
“Help The Aged”
“Mile End”
“Monday Morning”
“Sorted For E’s & Wizz”
“This Is Hardcore”

Please do not read the lyrics whilst attempting to sing along with the recordings.