Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week’s newsmakers included Beck, who had Jack White jam with him in Providence, got Jeff Tweedy and Jarvis Cocker to interpret his sheet music, and asked Stephen Colbert to give him a hug. His new “Heart Is A Drum” video was also one of the best of the week. I forgive him for not performing at the Song Reader launch party I thought was a performance but was just a listening event [sad trombone]. On Tuesday, TV On The Radio announced a new album and later that day we ranked their 10 best songs. What timing! We ran a controversial Q&A with extreme metal band Bölzer and guitarist/vocalist Okoi Jones dropped by the comments section to engage in some friendly discourse. Tom Petty dissed EDM, but that’s only because he hasn’t seen David Guetta DJ or gotten a quintuple espresso with Deadmau5. We recommended new albums from Spoon and Jenny Lewis. Chris did an in-depth profile of DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith, who discussed his troubled childhood and the fallout from last year’s drug arrest for the first time. Morrissey is still having quite a year. Don’t forget you can stream Lollapalooza here all weekend. Your best and worst comments of the week are below. But first…

Happy bday, Adam!


#10 sdnabors | Jul 28th Score:19

Is Stereogum going to start covering every time a rapper says they’re the best now? This just seems like another excuse to shit on Donald Glover, which seems to be a lot of indie music bloggers’ favorite past time.

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Adam Wenn | Jul 30th Score:20

*thinks for a split second about commenting on the Israel/Palenstine conflict on a music website…*

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#8 boozm | Jul 26th Score:21


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Tim Curtin | Jul 30th Score:21

gotta go with Plant on this. Bonham’s dead. Plant’s voice has changed with age. Let it go, man. Don’t end up doing what the Pixies did.

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Joey Daniewicz | Jul 28th Score:22

Someone hasn’t read Brent DiCrescenzo’s Kid A review.

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Lois Elenore | Jul 26th Score:24

a native american would not wear a headdress to a music festival. it’s used for spiritual ceremonies. not to see the arctic monkeys and smoke pot with a bunch of college kids

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#4 miguelito1 | Jul 28th Score:28

battle of the nickelodeon actors

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#3 mickrandom26 | Jul 30th Score:29

I’d say this is a Petty news article.

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#1 lukeet | Jul 30th Score:47

Murder is Murder.

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Nation Garza | Jul 28th Score:-10

Mr. DeVille has definitely failed at writing an unbiased piece in regards to this bit of news. “Middle school” and “bad Drake cover,” are you kidding me? Donald Glover is one of the most talented personalities in the industry. He’s not some no-talent lame who’s just blowing off the top. His flow is superb and his lyrics are insanely clever. Just because you dislike rappers doesn’t give you license to ignore their talents. In the future, try to refrain from being a jackass when you’re writing pieces.

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#4 mr. mayonaise | Jul 31st Score:-10

“Tom Petty is incapable of writing a bad song”

Free Fallin’ disagrees.

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#3 pree | Jul 28th Score:-10

This reads as sort of long-winded dick-sucking. Maybe when chris deville gets over hanging out with moderately popular artists he can step back enough to actually write about something.

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C Michael Morbee | Jul 29th Score:-12

This list is really necessary for a band like TV on the Radio? Oh, Stereogum! You and your lists!

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