Jeezy – “Me OK” Video

When I was in New York a few weeks ago, I ended up at a listening party for Seen It All, the new album from Young Jeezy (or, as he’d now prefer to be known, just Jeezy). I happened to be wearing all black that day, and Jeezy told me I was “G’ed up.” If you know me, you know that this was a crowning life achievement. This mattered to me because Jeezy has spent a solid decade making hard and unpretentious trunk-rattlers like his new single “Me OK.” And in that track’s new video, Jeezy stays dressed like I was that day (except better, with jewelry and clothes that fit and sneakers that presumably are not falling apart). The video, directed by Motion Family, is all grainy, naturalistic Atlanta street-level stuff. A few local rap luminaries make cameos, but the faces of the bystanders are just as important. Watch the video below.

(via Miss Info)

Seen It All is out this fall on Def Jam.